The Teachings of Master Geng-Yun



1.      Belief, Vow, Practice & Verification

2.      Buddhadharma Lives in the Earthly World

3.      The Beauty of An-Hsiang

4.      The Cognition and Practice of Ch'an

5.      A Path To Bliss

6.      Conversation With Master Philip Lapleau

7.      Be What You Are & Remain WhoYou Are

8.      Four Bases of The Ch'an Practice

9.      Appoaching To The Perfection of Life

10.  The Keys to Mind Practice

11.  A Ch’an Practitioner’s Morality, Merit & Speech

12.  Leak-proof Practice

13.  The Purification of Self

14.  On the Mind

15.  True Self and Ch’an Concentration

16.  The Prajna Heart Sutra and Buddha Dharma

17.      Concise Interpretation of The “Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra”

18.  Correct Views on Ch’an Practice

19.      Buddha’s original intent: Offering An-Hsiang to the world

20.      Q&A




The Disciple's study




1.      Spreading the Dharma --- Ying

2.      The Past and the Present of Ch'an - A New Era for the Ch'an School--- Tian-Yi Zhang

3.      Practitioners' Experience-Sharing--- chiao

4.      To Maintain the State of An-Hsiang --- Bella

5.      Ch'an songs --- Bella

6.          Ch'an Songs of An-Hsiang --- Pearl




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